This page is a guide for having a rough estimate of the cost for your installation, with different packages. Prices do not include taxes or VAT, and are subject to change without prior notice.

3D printing Robot with turntable, without extruder, starting at €83’000

Get started with a last generation 2 meter reach machine, ready to receive its extruder. Multiple possibilities of printing strategies thanks to the versatility of an endless rotating turntable. Reach can stretch up to 4 meters , with extruder heads up to 300 kg

7 Axis milling center, with a high power 8kW air cooled milling unit, starting at €99’000

Perfect for milling or sculpting chucks of wood, composites or foam. Options such as a turntable, an automatic tool changer or a linear track are available

Ultimate machining center, with a high payload track mounted robot, offering the possibility to work on parts up to 10 meters in length. starting at €192’000

With a 12kW Milling unit which could be mounted on quick change plate, this setup will give the ability to swap flawlessly between tools a such as a band saw or a chain saw and its milling unit. Coupled to a turntable this might be the most flexible setup you could have in your workshop

What are the typical major parts of a complete robotic milling/printing setup?

  • A 6 axis robot
  • A single axis vertical positioned, also called turntable
  • A single axis linear track, ranging between 4 and 30 meters
  • A safety cage / cabin
  • A control unit for the robot related hardware
  • A control unit for the accessories and safety hardware
  • All different hardware, such as milling unit, printing head, cooling systems the setup needs to run smoothly.

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Lullin engineering is offering an all-in-one integration service for industrial robots specialized in the wood, steel and glass machining industry.

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