Safety Installation on Kuka KRC4

Installation of a laser gate and synchronization between all different units on a 3d printing KUKA robot. 

  • Safety concept.
  • Installation of all safety related devices
  • Complete synchronization between different units

Kuka 7 Axis Milling Center

A robot cell was required to accomplish various tasks in Polytechnic school in Switzerland, The robot task was to mill.

  • Cell conception & creation.
  • Engineering of Safety concept & Milling control unit
  • Complete installation of the robot, turntable and milling unit
  • Complete installation of the safety fence
  • Complete calibration of the cell

Restaurant Automated tray box

Setup of 16 cells used to give restaurant customers the food they ordered, They are able thanks to an app to control the lid which protects the food they ordered. The kitchen also get notifications informing employees if a cell in full, empty, clean, dirty and so on… Each lid is individually controlled by an air cylinder, and displays on a transparent screen information for the client.

  • Mechanic and pneumatic engineering.

Interactive multimedia furniture

Set of furniture used to get public interaction on an exhibition. The set was composed by one Ipad tracking table, a wall element made out of 100 single threads and finally 3 microscopes looking-like showcases

  • Global project management.
  • Complete engineering/planning / 3D modeling.
  • Complete mechanical and electronic engineering.
  • 3D printing.
  • Electronics installation.
  • Shipping rigs engineering.
  • Customer support on site.

This project has been realized when I was working for Artis GmbH

Shopping Mall Temporary Installation

Four giant columns and one center desk set in one of the most stunning shopping malls in the world, installed in less than 36 hours. LED lighting completely controlled by wireless DMX protocol.

  • Part of engineering.
  • Complete lighting engineering.
  • Complete lighting installation.
  • Installation on site.

This project has been realized when I was working for Artis GmbH

3D Printing with an Industrial Robot

I ran a some tests few days ago to see how close we could get to 3d print huge scale objects, size being larger than several cubic meters. Synchronizing the extruder with the robot was more complicated than expected, and unfortunately I had to give up, the investment of hardware being over the expected original budget. Finally we invested the money in a dedicated self built 3d printer for our workshop.

  • Engineering / calculations.
  • Construction and installation of the printing rig.
  • Programing the robot/extruder.
  • Tests and printing.

you can read more thanks to different publications regarding this topic: Softpedia3dPrintBoard3dToday3dPrint3dModelleInside3dPrinting and 3Ders

This project has been realized when I was working for Artis GmbH

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