4 day introduction workshop to 7 axis milling

Workshop happened in Eberswalde, Germany. Goal was to get a team of international students/designers and teachers to understand the basics of robotics and parametric production design on grasshopper in less than a week. We scanned a human head, reduced the poly count, created an algorithm for wood waste reduction, and generated the milling paths
  • Organizing the workshop.
  • Setting up the robot cell and running tests.
  • Leading a group of students/teachers/designers and having them produce a low-poly head milled out of massive wood.

Robotic nail art piece

Workshop organized by one of the best wood engineering schools in Switzerland, where we showed students how to get started with robotics in a fun way. Their task was to develop an algorithm which was able to generate code for an industrial robot.

  • Organizing the workshop.
  • Setting up the robot cell and running tests the previous day.
  • Leading a group of students/teachers and getting them to have a usable result after 8 hours.

Aluminum wave art piece

The first of a series of 3 identical pieces, milled out of a massive aluminum block, and drilled over 4000 times to get the “pixel” effect of this flower, more than 90% of the original block was removed during the milling or drilling process.

  • Hardware water-cooling engineering.
  • Complete parametric model generation.
  • 3D modeling & engineering.
  • Parametric robot code generation.
  • Milling / Drilling

This project has been realized when I was working for Artis GmbH

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