3D printing with an industrial Robot

I ran a some tests few days ago to see how close we could get to 3d print huge scale objects, size being larger than several cubic meters. Synchronizing the extruder with the robot was more complicated than expected, and unfortunately I had to give up, the investment of hardware being over the expected original budget. Finally we invested the money in a dedicated self built 3d printer for our workshop.
Our role on the project:

  • -Engineering / calculations.
  • -Construction and installation of the printing rig.
  • -Programing the robot/extruder.
  • -Tests and printing.

you can read more thanks to different publications regarding this topic: Softpedia, 3dPrintBoard, 3dToday, 3dPrint, 3dModelle, Inside3dPrinting and 3Ders

This project has been realized when I was working for Artis GmbH

Photo credits: Artis GmbH

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